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Skoll og Hati by Ssarawolf
Skoll og Hati
“Sköll heitir ulfr,
er fylgir inu skírleita goði
til varna viðar,
en annarr Hati,
hann er Hróðvitnis sonr,
sá skal fyr heiða brúði himins” 

Hey :D
Today I'm back with something traditional!
This is one of the four ilustrations I’m doing for a personal project related with norse mythology. I have to finish them for the next month, and although I'm enjoying a lot (because of reasons. ASNFJKASNFKKAN), I'm in pain. Well, we'll see.

So here’s my representation of Sköll and Hati, chasing Sól and Mani. There’s a prose poetry I made too inspired by the myth, but I'm just showing the ilustration. It's a photo, and although I've tried, the whites cannot be seen properly.  Sorry D:

Wips can be seen on my tumblr if someone is interested c:

Pencil on paper, 50x70cm

Almighty Thor by Ssarawolf
Almighty Thor

evading spoilers on tumblr since release
wednesday is the day. No spoilers pls! Or I'll kill you all with Mjolnir
because yea i'm worthy

enjoy :D
So I'm late but I'm officially joining that mad community called tumblr. In that blog I'll post some wips, drawings and stuff. Just in case you wanna follow me:

Tusen takk alle sammen :heart:
Ride at dawn by Ssarawolf
Ride at dawn

As I've said someone the last days here I come with Éomer, my third ranked on my LOTR top5 character. 
At first this wasn't my main idea, but then I felt so tired and listless so I gave up and started painting around randomly. Suddenly "Riders of Rohan" started to play on Spotify and everything went super epic and super ajfajk and it wasn't my intention.
But well
he deserves it

because I love his strong and fiery personality
and that "Don't gimme no sass, or I'll kick ur ass" look he has :D :D

If you wanna se who rules my top5 go here:… :la:
Heir of Isildur by Ssarawolf
Heir of Isildur
"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king".

I felt nostalgic while I was drawing this. My first favourite character and my first favourite movie since the very beggining, as far as I can remember. I grew up with this trilogy. While other children watched anime/cartoons in their free time (omg, a lot, THAT I HAVEN'T NAO) I've always watched Lotr. "Wanna see a movie, daughter?" "yup!" "LOTR not again" "YES. AGAIN" and so on so forth. My parents have seen it a plenty of times, my friends (especialmente tú. Si si, tú XD) another plenty of times. Me in my loneliness too. It's always a good time to watch Lotr.
And it's still my favourite movie.
And character.
And scenery. Gods, these are the reasons I began being a writter long long long time ago. To be interested in history, in fantasy, in all that influences me and it's welded with fire in the deepest part of me.
So I came to add an Aragorn to my gallery. The king who owns my realm of imagination!
Hail Gondor!

y tal

Éomer! -->…


Ssarawolf's Profile Picture
Sara P. Selvik
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Sarcasm is my native language by Frostpebble

Writter. Birdlover. Bookeater. Vikingsouled. I also draw in my freetime.

I adore all related to scandinavian ages. I'm currently in my last year of Fine Arts and focusing my final project to all my lovely northmen. Gimme strenght!

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Okay, this is quite embarassing, but as the title says...
Oh well, seems like I'm back. Dunno if forever. Dunno if just for a few months. At least I'm submitting again.
But I've sworn to myself that it won't be like years ago. I mean:

-No more personal projects. I have my reasons. (I also deleted all the related stuff I had, MAINLY BECAUSE I SAW IT AND IT WAS LIKE "GAWD, HOW COULD I BE SO PROUD ABOUT THAT SHITTY STROKES" and that kind of things). 

- I will publish all the Fan Arts I have. And I won't get mad about it. I mean, care so hard about watchers, favs, groups etc. The stress is one reason that made me leave this page.

-dddddddddddraW :)

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